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Nikhil, Bhavya & Nino
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We function as a second brain assisting our clients in strategy, sales and technology. We advise with actionable items to grow their business. Facilitating the power of today’s digital opportunities with a getting things done mindset.


In tomorrow's world, artificial intelligence will walk among us as peers. They will assist and guide buyers and sellers. In today's business, your success is already determined by the success of your digital integration.

We want to help entrepreneurs understand these tools and integrate effective methods to make their business thrive.

Client is king
Don't invent the wheel
Data, the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it.
Data analysis
Growth plan
Creating roadmaps
Problem to solution design
Sales oriented marketing plan
Digital and physical prototypes
UX wireframe
Outline of sales process
Execution of marketing component
Creation of sales argumentation
Implementation of digital marketing strategies
Email marketing
Paid advertising
Local business marketing
Cross platform native mobile application
Setup and integration of automation tools
Web applications
PCB Development
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